Antique Lock Restoration

We can also repair most locks and provide period keys. We can repair broken castors, handles, catches, escutcheons etc.

img 1584The pictures on the right show a small longcase door lock with a missing centre post guide.

Below shows a new post turned and riveted awaiting the dust plate to be fitted.

img 1586

Below a period key is made to fit for the lock and the dust plate is re-riveted to complete assembly.


img 1588

We can repair most antique locks and also make replacement copy locks and bureau locks if required for that special job. Brass handles, back plates, posts, etc. can all be repaired and we can have missing brassware copied and recast by the investment casting, or lost wax casting methods: where a wax copy of the original is formed in a mould or die and an exact replica can be made as the molten brass is poured into the mould.